Monday, July 07, 2008

Capistrano, Harvey's Broiler, Judge Fergueson, etc

Today's images show the (pre-restoration) ruins of Mission San Juan Capistrano. The color postcard image is undated, and the second image (from the Library of Congress) is dated circa 1907. Flashing forward 100 years, it's amazing how much remains and also how much has been added. A recent Register article detailed the past five years of the historic Mission under the administration of Rev. Arthur Holquin.
Reconstruction of the old Harvey's/Johnnie's Broiler in Downey (which I mentioned months ago) has begun. Mr. "Downey Conservancy" has posted a bunch of photos on Flickr from this morning's groundbreaking ceremony. I also stumbled across a documentary about the destruction of this Googie landmark, called "Killing History."
Former Judge Warren J. Fergueson of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal has died at age 87. His first judicial appointment was to the Municipal Court in Anaheim (1959-1961), after which he served Orange County as a Superior Court judge (1961-1966).
Anaheim Life has graced us with a look back at Anaheim's 1901 4th of July parade.


colony rabble said...

Thank you Chris, I suspect you are my only blog reader. Do you know who is doing the restoration on Johnny's Broiler?

Chris Jepsen said...

No, I do not.

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