Thursday, July 10, 2008

O.C. Fair & Wintersburg Presbyterian comments

Today we have two more photos (and another closeup detail) from the 1949 Orange County Fair. Speaking of the Fair, I'll be manning the O.C. Archives/O.C. Clerk-Recorder booth in the Fair's government building this Saturday, from 3pm to 7pm. Stop by and say hello if you happen to be around that day. We should have some fun history-related displays, including a look back at the old Pitchur Gallery at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park. You'll even be able to get your photo taken on a "covered wagon." (BYO camera.)
There hasn't been much to report lately regarding the threatened Wintersburg Japanese Presbyterian Church complex at Warner Ave and Nichols St in Huntington Beach. However, my earlier posts on the subject still spark the occasional memory. For instance, C. Morse writes,...

"I've been hoping that the church would still be there, and taken care of. My children and I lived in an apartment on Oak St in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It took a while, but I started noticing the neighborhood and putting things together - the flowers, the Furuta house (and Mr. Furuta, who was pretty nice unless the neighborhood kids chased the frogs around his ponds), and a few frame houses left from the ones that must have been here since the early 1900s.

When I finally found the plaque on the church, it all fell into place. I'm a Presbyterian, and when I saw that marker I could almost see the church as it was, surrounded by homes and farms and flowers...

"I remember a house that had been abandoned for quite a while, farther south and by the railroad tracks. There were still clothesline supports--the old-fashioned kind--in the back yard, and fruit trees, and I looked inside to see beautiful built-in cabinets with beveled glass doors, and closely fitted hardwood floors. I think it was torn down; I tried not to know, or to go by there after a while for fear of what I would, or wouldn't, see."

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