Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake, Modjeska, Arden, amusement parks

Yes, I know. One more minute of coverage of today's earthquake will send you over the edge. But I'm covering a different earthquake, so it's okay. Specifically, today's photo is a glimpse of the aftermath of the big 1933 earthquake. Unlike most post-quake photos that feature damaged buildings, this photo shows one of the many big cracks that opened up in the earth. This particular scene was in the Westminster area, "south of Ocean and Hansen." (Even if you don't care about the hole in the ground, it's still a nice image of rural Westminster.)
A new exhibit, entitled "All the World's a Stage: Modjeska's Arden" will open at the Old Orange County Courthouse Museum next week. The exhibit, detailing the life and canyon home of famed stage actress Helena Modjeska, will kick off with a special reception on Aug. 7, 5:30-7:30pm in the 3rd floor Exhibit Gallery. RSVP to (714) 973-6610 if you'd like to attend.
Werner Weiss of Yesterland recently reviewed Richard Harris' new book, Early Amusement Parks of Orange County. I'm looking forward to seeing a copy of this book myself.

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Captain said...

My late Mom vividly remembered that quake. She was 6 at the time, and was playing with friends in an empty lot off Rimpau in Inglewood. The ground commenced to shift up and down, and the up cycles were taller than she was. She was so scared, she ran to a lady she thought was a witch and threw her arms around her legs, hiding behind her.